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Class of 2021

The photo roaster of class of 2021 is published! Please read from here : Class of 2021 For the 2021 Rural Leaders Training Program, we have invited 24 candidates from overseas. Their arrival is yet to be decided as the

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Class of 2021

The photo roaster of class of 2021 is published!

Please read from here : Class of 2021

For the 2021 Rural Leaders Training Program, we have invited 24 candidates from overseas.

Their arrival is yet to be decided as the suspension of Japanese visas continues due to COVID-19 measures.
However, three Japanese participants have joined ARI this April and already started their training on campus.
We hope that the worldwide spread of the coronavirus will end so that all overseas candidates can join our studies as soon as possible.

Notice of suspension of accepting visitors

According to the state of emergency is declared from April 25th, we suspend accepting visitors from the target areas.

If you wish to visit from outside of the target areas, please check the following points before applying.

・ We ask you to measure your body temperature for two weeks before your visit, so please apply more than two weeks ago from the date you would like to visit.

・ All applicants are given an orientation in advance using online conference tools such as zoom, so please cooperate.

The 49th Opening Ceremony

The date of arrival for 28 overseas participants of the 2021 ARI Rural Leaders Training Program has not yet been decided due to the suspension of visa issuance procedures for Japan due to COVID-19.

However, three Japanese participants have joined ARI this year. We are delighted to welcome them to ARI and will hold an Opening Ceremony on Friday 9 April. We regret to inform you that due to COVID-19, we will not be able to welcome any guests from outside this year.

The ceremony will be streamed live on ARI’s official Facebook page, so please join us there, or follow it on your news feed after the ceremony.

The 49th Opening Ceremony will be held at the following date and time:

April 9th (Fri), 13:30-15:00

You can watch the ceremony live from the link below:

We look forward to celebrating the Japanese participants’ opening ceremony together with you!

“Euodoō – Journal of Rural Future Study” released.

Download the PDF

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of euodoō – Journal of Rural Future Study.

Euodoō is ARI’s annual journal, presenting insightful analysis, essays, and ideas from people connected to ARI. The thesis papers and essays in Euodoō nr. 5 link the topics of biodiversity, food security, and family farming with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope the ideas and research in this edition will reach many supporters, graduates, and fans of ARI.


Among the contributors are ARI staff and 1999 graduate Zacivolu ‘Acivo’ Rhakho Dozo and 2004 graduate Makito Fujii. There are thesis papers by Dr. Kae Sekine of Family Farming Platform Japan; and by Patrick Trail, Yuwadee Danmalidoi, and Dr. Boonsong Thansrithong of ECHO Asia Regional Impact Center in Thailand. Further contributions were provided by Dr. Sue Hall Pyke (University of Melbourne, Uniting Church in Australia’s Sophia’s Spring) and Raymond Epp (Menno Village, Naganuma). As usual, we present a text by founding member Dr. Toshihiro Takami.

Available Online and in Print

You can download the digital edition as a PDF here or from our Downloads page. A print edition is available upon request (JPY 800 + shipping):

Tel: 0287-36-3111

Regarding the 2021 ARI Rural Leaders Training Program

Due to the uncertainty of visas being issued for overseas students in relation to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2021 ARI Rural Leaders Training Program (RLTP) will be making several adjustments throughout the year. 

The program will currently begin on campus as scheduled with three Japanese participants. Please watch over them warmly. 

We hope that over the course of the year, we will gradually be joined by our overseas participants as well. 

We appreciate our extended ARI community during these times and continue to look forward to your engagement and support towards the ARI RLTP.

Regarding the Opening Ceremony, we will hold it on April 9th (Fri) in a restricted way. We appreciate your participation in the ceremony via live streaming. We will post the detail on our home page. 

Welcome to our new website!

We are delighted to launch the brand-new ARI website. After over a year of preparation, this new website is a complete rebuild, offering new features, updated content, and improved usability.

A better website had been in high demand to present ARI’s activities and values more suitably and to respond to the many needs of ARI’s diverse audience: our fans, friends, supporters, partners, and, of course, Rural Leaders and grassroots organizations who benefit from our training program. The new site is structured with ARI’s growing audience and their different needs in mind.

One challenge was to find a technical solution to better present content in both Japanese and English. For that purpose, we are giving the ‘News’ and ‘Events’ pages complete restarts. New content in both languages will be added slowly, with official announcements, stories, and event information. Yes, the new website has a big potential to grow, and we will add more features gradually!

We hope that you will enjoy browsing the site and bookmark it for easy access.

We, the staff of ARI’s Fundraising section, express special appreciation to all people who have helped in making this new milestone possible: the volunteers who gave tips, the proofreaders, translators, and all ARI members who have been part of it. Thank you!

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